Green luggage

Albert Engler, product marketing manager for Delsey, told BusinessWorld that the latest collection for Spring/Summer 2010 has a range of luggage, Green Days, which is 45% made of recycled PET bottles.

Launched recently, it also features a stylish polycarbonate case in black and sporting a diamond shape -- a nod to the HTC diamond phone -- which stays true to the eco-design concept by being completely recyclable.

 "Our products are conceived to use as few raw materials as needed. We use recycled materials. We avoid mixes of components; instead, we will use pure recycled ABS parts. There is no PVC backing. At the end of the life of the suitcase, when it’s dismantled, we can select and put it back in the appropriate recycling chain," said Mr. Engler.

Delsey (coined from the last names -- Delahaye and Seynhaeve -- of the founders) started in 1946 and is currently present in 165 countries. Outside of France, its biggest markets are the US and the Middle East. Its popularity is helped in part by adhering to eco-conscious standards, including California Proposition 65, which requires all chemicals used in the making of products to be listed -- Delsey can thereby boast that their products have minimal to zero PVC, and do not use lead, heavy metals, or any carcinogenic substances.

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